Why SEO is important for your business website...

You have worked hard building a website that speaks to your customers and represents your brand. It looks great and is secure. So, how do you help the right people find your site? This is where proper setup and optimization come into play. This process is often referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  

Without proper setup and optimization, your website may not even be indexed by Google, meaning Google Bots won’t register your page and it will never show up on Google searches. So, as you can tell, SEO is pretty important.  

*We primarily focus on Google when speaking about SEO because it is the industry leader and the most popular tool at this time for internet search. Other browsers such as Yahoo and Bing have their own rules but most follow the Google Standard.  

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by taking actions that will help search engines connect you with the people searching for you on the internet. Having more visitors and the right kind of people visiting your site will then allow you to convert more of them into customers. 

There are many different ways to impact and improve your SEO. The trick is finding the right mix for your site and your business since different industries and business models benefit from different strategies. The ways that a car dealer optimizes their site would be different than the strategies that a doctor would use. Some strategies to consider: 

  • Review quality of internal and external links 
  • Optimize for target keywords and keyphrases 
  • Get other companies to share your content (backlink strategy)  
  • Make sure your site is easy to read 
  • Optimize site performance and speed 
  • Make sure security measures are in place like SSL and firewall (Google punishes sites without proper security) 
  • Set up social media and generate regular activity 
  • Confirm anchor text is properly configured 
  • Review content for relevance to your target audience 
  • Optimize Video tags and keywords on your site and social media platforms  
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly and responsive 
  • And much more 


SEO is constantly evolving. Part of the evolution is that browsers are constantly evolving and changing their algorithms. This means that what they look for in a site to rank it and assign relevance changes. Keeping your site at the top of browser searches is a never-ending task. It is not something you can do once and then hope it stays. 

Not sure if your site needs SEO or whether your SEO could be improved? Do a Google search for your product/service. How many pages did you have to scroll through to see your website? The goal of SEO is to show up on page one of those results (ideally in the top half). 

Our professional SEO team is available to discuss your site and what can be done to increase the traffic and conversions for your business. Let’s chat.