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I Want More Traffic! The Difference Between Traffic And Rankings For SEO & Digital Marketing

You’ve dedicated countless hours working with your web designers to put together an amazing website. You’ve spent careful time organizing your content, picking the perfect photos and bringing your.

8 Ways SMM & SEO Can Work Together to Bring You Results

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization have come a long way in popularity. Companies tend to put their focus on one or the other, assuming that they simply don’t have the time to optimize both..

Is Your Website A High-Performer? 4 Key Factors and what you can do about them

In 2020, digital marketing is not just a nice to have – it is a necessity.

8 Must Have Features For Your Professional Web Site

Whether you have a small business or a larger corporate office, when building a website you have to keep in mind two key groups. First and most important is giving your customers or viewers .

3 benefits of a mobile optimized website

If your website is not optimized for mobile you could be losing more than 50% of your potential customers. Way back in 2016, mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic on the.

3 Reasons You're NOT Showing Up On Google's First Page . . . And How Search Engine Optimization Can Help

Let’s face it - if you are trying to market your business at all - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google needs to be your best friend.  The only way that happens is to have your website appear.

What is Google Tag Manager and Why It Matters

If you are currently doing any sort of digital marketing for your business, or maybe looking into branching out into the digital marketing realm, you might have heard of the importance of “tags”..


Over the last few months, we have been exploring the influence and power of social media for your business’s digital marketing efforts. Last month, we dove into LinkedIn and how advertisements on.

5 reasons mobile friendly websites matter

Smartphones are king. Almost everyone nowadays has some form of smartphone. We use them to explore video, music, and for social networking. Smartphones take advantage of practically anything the.

4 Reasons WordPress Is The Better Choice For Your Professional Website

Times, they are a-changin. When the internet first came ”online” (pun intended) over 20 years ago – websites were a luxury for most businesses. Now in 2017 – they are a necessity. With the world wide.