3 Must Haves for Your Social Media Strategy

We all know that having a social media strategy is important to our marketing goals. It is one of the leading ways to validate your brand and build awareness of a product or service.

Here are 3 Must Haves for Your Social Media Strategy 

1. Your posts must be actionable

This means that you need to have a goal and try to get the people who view your posts to take some desired action. When planning your goals start by defining an objective and make sure every post ties back to it. This will keep you on track and stop you from getting distracted within each platform.

A great way to start is by using the marketing objectives that you have already established for your business. For example:   

  • If you are already running a successful postcard campaign then use that message and objective in your social media.  
  • If you have local radio ads with a specific message, repeat that message in your posts. Your goal for each should be complimenting the other. 
  • If your goal is to get people to place and order with your company, your post should drive them to place that order.  

Common terms associated with social media and digital marketing strategies:  

Impressions – Impressions represent the number of people that have seen your post. This can be broken down by total (the sum of all possible impressions) or unique (the sum of the unique people who have seen your post)  

Example – if your post was seen a total of 1000 times you would have 1000 impressions. It is possible that certain people might have seen your post multiple times though so it is possible for a post to have 1000 total impressions and only 600 unique impressions.  

Conversion Rate – Conversions are how many people took the action that you desired. This number is usually expressed as a percentage of the number of people who saw your post against the number that took action 

Example - if your post was seen by 100 people and 10 clicked on it and made appointments, then your conversion rate is 10%. 

Engagement – Engagement measures the public shares, likes and comments of a social media post 

Example - if your post is seen by 20 people and 1 person likes the post and 2 share it, thethat post had 3 engagements. 


2. Use the social media outlet that your core customers are using 

There are many different kinds of social media and they are used by different people for different things. For example it is easier to teach someone how to do something with a Youtube video than it is with a Facebook post. While Instagram is great for sharing photos, Linkedin is better for job hunting or career. Know your social media, before you spend any of your valuable time or resources on the wrong outlet for your business. 



In order to choose the right social media platform for your business you have to know your customers. You can study the demographics research available online for each platform or make it more personal. 

great way to find out which social media platforms your customers use regularly is to ask them. Another way is to look at the top competitors in your market. See what platforms they are using and what kinds of posts of theirs get the most engagement. 


3. Make sure and interact with your audience  

Once you have chosen the right platform and start posting, make sure your business maintains a quick response time. After all, being on social media is all about being social. If someone engages with your business and asks a question and nobody responds, then you may have lost that customer. 

It is important to respond and address their concerns and questions in real time. If they only get a response from your competitor, who do you think they will shop with? When customers get a timely response, it is a sure sign that they can trust your brand and their purchases. When choosing to post on social media, you should also have a response plan 


This information should help you to create a very successful social media marketing strategy. If you are looking into your own social media marketing and want to discuss how Andromeda can assist with your goals, give us a call at (815) 836-0030 or email our team at Contact@WeNetwork.com .